Part 4: Who’s Running? – Demcrat-held House Seats

House District 46 (Eastern Lucas County – Toledo)
Rep. Michael Sheehy (D) – While this district is technically an open seat, Rep. Michael Sheehy will have quite the head start. Earlier this year, Rep. Matt Szollosi resigned and Sheehy was appointed to replace him. The former Oregon city councilman will likely have an easier time fending off any competition as a result – though no challengers have emerged yet.
House District 55 (Central Lorain County)
Rep. Matt Lundy is term-limited and his district should be one of the most competitive in 2014. The district leans Democrat, but Republicans are hoping that their financial advantage will help close the gap. No candidates have stepped forward yet, but several are considering a run.
House District 58 (Northeast Mahoning County – Youngstown)
Michele Lapore-Hagan (D) – Longtime member of the General Assembly Bob Hagan is term-limited, and his wife is at the top of the list to replace him. Michele Lapore-Hagan declared her candidacy for the seat in November and will benefit in the heavily Democrat district from the Hagan name. She is the director of Youngstown State University’s Performing Arts Series.
Janet Tarpley (D) – Nearly immediately after Hagan’s announcement, Janet Tarpley announced her intention to run for the seat. She is currently on the Youngstown City Council, representing the 6th Ward. She was first elected to council in 2007, and is term-limited in 2015.
Cynthia McWilson (D) – McWilson, a registered nurse, has been mentioned several times as a possible candidate for the seat. She launched her campaign in June, although this isn’t her first run for office. She ran unsuccessfully for Youngstown City Council in 2003.
House District 64 (Northern Trumbull County and Southern Ashtabula County)
Ken Macpherson (D) – Rep. Tom Letson is on his way out thanks to term-limits, and there are several candidates interested in replacing him. One of them is Ken Macpherson. Hailing from Warren, Macpherson has a technology background but little political experience. Fortunately for him, the other candidates in the race so far are relatively inexperienced too.
Sheila Calko (D) – Also from Warren, Calko is a former high school Social Studies teacher and currently serves as a program manager at Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership. Her involvement with the Trumbull County Democratic Party and family roots in the area may help her grab a foothold in this competitive primary. However, she’s not likely to get outgoing incumbent Rep. Letson’s backing; Calko challenged him in the Democratic primary two years ago. She got 18% of the vote.
Eugene Mach (D) – Mach’s candidacy is only a week old. He has very little political experience, but will provide a youthful option in the race.
Elaine Mastromatteo (G) – Mastromatteo just entered the race a couple weeks ago. She ran for Ohio’s 14th congressional district in 2012 as the Green party candidate and won nearly 4% of the vote. She will be a Green party candidate is this race as well.
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