Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission Invites Ohio Chamber to Help Update Constitution

Recently, a few members of the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission (OCMC) visited the Ohio Chamber to share the progress the commission has made since it began its work in January 2011. The OCMC members also encouraged the Chamber and its member businesses to take an active role in identifying areas of the Ohio Constitution that should be reviewed and modernized – or that should be protected from revisions that could have a harmful impact on Ohio’s business climate.
Ohio has one of the oldest constitutions in the country and, though the last constitutional convention was held in 1912, voters have since amended it 120 times. In order to ensure that the Ohio Constitution continues to accurately reflect the will of the citizens of Ohio, the General Assembly established the OCMC. The commission has been assigned with examining each article of the Constitution, facilitating a diverse dialogue about desired changes, and making recommendations about how the document should be amended. The Commission has until July 1, 2021 to finish its work and until then any Ohio citizen – or organization – is able to bring up ideas and make recommendations.
Because of this process, the Ohio Chamber has a unique opportunity to corral the ideas of its members, to research, examine, prioritize and, ultimately, present them to the OCMC. What specific areas of the Ohio Constitution do you think are in need of change? Or need to be preserved intact? Please share your ideas and concerns with us by completing our survey.