Interactive Map for State Capital Improvements Program

Last week we talked about State Issue 1, the renewal of the State Capital Improvements Program. On top of boosting Ohio’s economic competitiveness, not increasing taxes, and creating jobs, the program has a long history of bipartisanship and helping to tackle important infrastructure projects for all of Ohio’s 88 communities.

But how has it helped your community? Your business? Take a look at our interactive map below and see a complete list of projects by county since 1987 here.

Chances are, a bridge and road program has made your employees’ commutes safer, easier to transport your products, and faster to receive your materials. Not to mention, if you don’t notice your sewer, solid waste, and water systems, that’s good news and courtesy of the State Capital Improvement Program.

Check out the map and the project list and don’t forget to support State Issue 1 and vote Yes! on May 6th!


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