Business Organizations Broadly Support State Issue 1

State Issue 1, the renewal of the State Capital Improvements Program has helped local Ohio communities build better infrastructure across the state for 27 years. Since 1987, 11,500 road, bridges, sewer, and other infrastructure projects have been completed across Ohio’s 88 counties. This critical program is up for renewal during the May 6th primary election and voters need to vote “yes” on State Issue 1 so the program can continue another 10 years.

Business organizations including the Ohio Chamber and many local chambers endorse State Issue 1. On Tuesday, the Ohio Chamber and all 8 Metro Chambers came out in joint support of Issue 1 because it drives job growth and economic competitiveness. This program has created 64,000 jobs and will result in another 35,000 over the next decade. It also gives local communities the help they need to tackle projects to help ensure good infrastructure, which is critical to a strong economy and long-term prosperity.

Issue 1 is also a smart choice financially. It is a reauthorization and a modest expansion of the program due to the strong fiscal health of the state. The funds to repay Issue 1 are already built into planning for future state budgets. Furthermore, it does not raise taxes. Its fiscally sound nature and great benefit to jobs and economic growth is why Ohio voters first passed the program in 1987 and overwhelmingly renewed it in 1995 and 2005.

Please join us on May 6th and vote yes to help ensure that Ohio is well-positioned to attract businesses and create jobs that support working families. For more information on the May 6th primary election, click here, and for more information on State Issue 1, visit Strong Ohio Communities.