It’s Primary Election Day!

I have three reminders for you:
  1. Be sure to vote if you haven’t already.
  2. Remember to vote YES on Issue 1, renewal of the State Capital Improvements Program. Issue 1 will authorize $1.875 billion towards crucial infrastructure projects across the state for the next 10 years. For 27 years, the program has helped local communities in all of Ohio’s 88 counties complete 11,500 infrastructure projects and has created 64,000 jobs across Ohio, boosting Ohio’s economic competitiveness without raising taxes. You can find more information at
  3. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (OCCPaC) endorsed 21 General Assembly candidates in their primary races. All of these candidates have demonstrated a strong commitment to free enterprise and a willingness to advocate for pro-growth policies. If you find any of them on your ballot, be sure to vote for the pro-business candidate.

Additionally, if you have any general questions about voting, where to vote, or what identification is required, please visit the Secretary of State’s website or your county board of elections.

Happy Voting!
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