Ohio Chamber Releases 2015-2016 Public Policy Priorities

So far in 2015, many key groups have released their policy agendas and priorities, including House and Senate caucuses and Gov. John Kasich via his proposed budget. As a champion for Ohio businesses and an advocate at the Statehouse, the Ohio Chamber also aims to give our policymakers a framework to consider how new policies and rules may affect the business community and economy. For the 131st General Assembly, our 2015-2016 Public Policy Priorities address removing obstacles to business growth, job creation, and economic strength, or “Business without Bounds.”

CoverThese public policy priorities essentially map out goals that must be met by policymakers in Ohio to ensure that our state fosters economic development and allows businesses to expand and create jobs with minimal government interference. Some of these goals include:


  • A well-trained and highly-skilled workforce
  • A business friendly tax climate
  • Affordable and reliable energy
  • An affordable workers’ compensation system that effectively treats injured workers for prompt return to work
  • Freedom for employers to determine how to best manage their workplaces
  • A streamlined and fair environmental regulatory structure
  • An affordable and sustainable market-based health care system
  • Advocacy efforts to empower business owners and employers


While the 130th General Assembly took important steps forward in 2013-2014, there is still more work to be done to ensure that Ohio is fostering economic development, growing businesses, and creating jobs. This is key to Ohio because when businesses can grow freely, communities thrive and our entire state wins.

For a more detailed look at our priorities, check out our publication or visit our the Business Without Bounds webpage.