The deadline to certify the validity of petitions occurred last week before the New Year’s Holiday. Now barring any protests to County Boards of Elections over candidate’s petitions, the slate of candidates is finalized.

Here is an updated list of 2016 candidates for Ohio House, Senate, Congress and Court of Appeals

Notable Race Updates:

HD11-Freshman Rep. Stephanie Howse of Cleveland went from having a three-way primary to now having no opponents. Democratic candidates Daniel Graves and Gigi Traore failed to qualify for the ballot. Rep. Howse faces Republican Shalira Taylor in the general election.

HDs 13 and 15-Rep. Nickie Antonio & Rep. Nicholas Celebrezze will both coast to victory in ’16 with no primary opponents and the Republican candidates for both seats failing to qualify for the ballot.

HD24- Initially it appeared that long-time Franklin County legislator Jim Hughes had no primary or general opponent in his bid to return to the Ohio House. It was later announced that Kristopher Keller, a chiropractor from North Columbus will run as the Democrat for the 24th House District.

HD37-In what has traditionally been a highly contested seat, Democrat Sam Alonso has failed to qualify for the ballot against incumbent Kristina Roegner. A write-in candidate named Tom Schmida will attempt to qualify for the ballot as the Democrat candidate during the March primary.

HD43-Bruce Kettele, the preferred Democratic candidate to challenge Jeff Rezabek did not submit enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot.

HD57-High School student Daniel Lomeo was initially disqualified from the ballot by the Delaware County Board of Elections. Following clarification from the board, Mr. Lomeo’s petitions were ruled valid and he will face incumbent Rep. Andy Brenner in the Republican primary.

HD77-Independent candidate Justin Taylor has failed to qualify for the ballot to run against incumbent Rep. Tim Schaffer. Rep. Schaffer faces Democrat Bradley Nicodemus in the general election.

SD18-Mary Pat Weist-Izar, a Republican that planned to challenge Sen. John Eklund, did not submit enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot.

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