Campaign Finance Reports: Democrat Primary Races for the Ohio House

The following is the final report in our three part series which provides the cash on hand totals (i.e. what the candidates currently have in their accounts) for the individuals seeking the Democratic nomination for the Ohio House of Representatives this cycle. The reports are provided via Secretary of State Jon Husted’s website.

*Denotes Incumbent

House District 9

Rep. Janine Boyd* $475
Isaac Powell-No Report Filed

House District 12

Rep. John Barnes* $5,045
Jill Miller-Zimon $0

House District 17

Matt Jolson $32,021
Adam Miller $36,164

House District 18

Rep. Kristin Boggs* $14,114
Joshua Clark $3,288
Adhanet Kifle-No Report Filed

House District 25

Dontavius Jarrells $0
Bernadine Kent $0
Jeffrey Mackey $0
Mayo Makinde-No Report Filed

House District 28

Regina Collins-No Report Filed
Jessica Miranda-No Report Filed

House District 31

Paul Booth $0
Brian Garry $3,547
Nicholas Hollan-No Report Filed
Brigid Kelly $94,708
Ben Lindy $86,455
Paul Sohi $32,003

House District 32

Shawn Butler $9,109
Leo D’Cruz $1,660
Cathy Ingram $255
Kevin Johnson-No Report Filed

House District 38

Matt Browarek $100
Judith Lee $130

House District 49

Joyce Healy-Abrams $250
Thomas West-No Report Filed

House District 89

Dannie Edmon $0
Lawrence Hartlaub-No Report Filed

House District 94

Sarah Grace $2,032
Eddie Smith $295

House District 96

Rep. Jack Cera* $48,648
Patrick Murphy-No Report Filed