Member Spotlight: Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLC

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs is a leading business law firm in northeast Ohio. Established in 1913, the firm is comprised of more than 60 attorneys. Buckingham’s long history reflects the depth and breadth of experience their attorneys possess, not only in the practice of law, but in the industries their clients live and breathe every day.  Many of Buckingham’s attorneys serve as General Counsel for a wide number of middle market businesses in the region.  Additionally, they counsel clients on all facets of corporate law including, but not limited to, mergers and acquisitions, taxation, intellectual property, public finance, and nonprofit and foundation law. Although they largely represent clients in northeast Ohio, the firm’s footprint extends beyond Ohio’s borders to include clients who are headquartered and do business all over the world.

The Business Practice Group at Buckingham has a very strong regional reputation for its representation of closely-held, middle market businesses and the mergers, acquisitions and tax focus of many of its practitioners.  Core tax expertise is diminishing in many regional firms, but is an essential focus of Buckingham’s business practice.  Buckingham has developed deep proficiency in the structuring and negotiation of mergers and acquisitions transactions on a regional and national basis. In fact, over the past 15 years alone, the firm has averaged more than two mergers and acquisitions deals a week.

Buckingham’s guiding philosophy is to fuel client success. The firm supports these businesses not just as clients, but as partners, by devoting experience and knowledge to help clients reach their goals. The firm strives to bring their clients’ businesses to new heights by readying them for sustainable growth. This is one way Buckingham works drive Ohio’s economic future and stability. The firm is passionate about supporting Ohio’s business community by acting as advisors to many middle market businesses in northeast Ohio- offering advice that extends beyond the practice of law. Offering strategy development, risk management, and industry knowledge Buckingham puts their clients at an advantage, and in turn, influences Ohio’s economic future.

Through their membership with the Ohio Chamber, the firm hopes to further support their midmarket clients by serving on the Middle Market Taskforce.  The taskforce will serve as a valuable tool to shed light on the huge impact middle market companies have on Ohio’s, and the country’s, economic stability.  Buckingham’s attorneys look forward to joining fellow taskforce members to build on that momentum. Furthermore, Buckingham is a proud member of the Ohio Chamber due to active role we play in bridging the gap between Ohio’s regional pockets, bringing together like-minded corporate personnel that can work together to achieve greater success. The firm hopes to lend their insights and experience to the Middle Market Taskforce, Tax Committee, and other committees where they believe the Ohio Chamber is making active, positive change.