Ohio Chamber Publishes Free Enterprise Index

Earlier this month the Ohio Chamber of Commerce released its Free Enterprise Index for the 131st General Assembly. The index is a compilation of how members of the Ohio General Assembly voted on bills that most closely align with the Ohio Chamber’s mission. That mission is to aggressively champion free enterprise, economic competitiveness, and growth for the benefit of all Ohioans.

This year’s index contains six votes that occurred in the Senate and seven votes in the House. These bills include the state’s biennial budget which included a $1.2 billion tax cut (HB 64), legislation that provides transparency when the attorney general hires private attorneys to represent the state (SB 38) and a bill that raises the limit of small claims courts from $3,000 to $6,000 (HB 387), just to name a few.

So far this session, there are 22 members of the Senate and 60 members of the House who have 100 percent perfect scores.

Besides producing a printed copy of the Free Enterprise Index, key business votes can be tracked on the Ohio Chamber’s website at www.ohiochamber.com then click on “Bill Tracking” under the “Issue Advocacy” tab.