Ohio Chamber Releases New Voting Website: OhioBusinessVotes.com

As the state’s leading business advocate, we strive to make Ohio a better place in which to do business. OhioBusinessVotes.com is a website dedicated to informing our members, and the general public, about which candidates are the strongest defenders of free enterprise. We created this site to serve as a guide to the 2016 election cycle for business conscious voters across Ohio.

The site features Ohio Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (OCCPAC) endorsements for both legislative and Ohio Supreme Court candidates. This feature informs Ohio Chamber members and the general voting public as to which candidate’s platforms most closely align with the Ohio Chamber’s mission.

The site also highlights our Chamber Choice candidates, who are pro-business candidates facing a tough election cycle. OCCPAC will work diligently to support these candidates to make sure they are members of the 132nd General Assembly. These candidates are committed to making Ohio a state that champions free enterprise and economic competitiveness for the benefit of all Ohioans.

Additionally, in order to hold elected officials accountable for their decisions at the Statehouse, we track how current lawmakers voted on important legislation that impact Ohio’s business climate. The site features legislator’s Free Enterprise Index score for the 131st General Assembly. This allows both members and voters to gauge legislator performance on issues that affect Ohio businesses.

Finally, the site serves as an election resource with “Find Your Candidate” and “Find Your Polling Location” features.

We hope you use OhioBusinessVotes.com as a tool to help educate yourself and your employees regarding this election. If you have any questions regarding this site or would like further information on the candidates please contact Rich Thompson, Director of Political Programs.

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