Website Promotes Employee Education on November Election

This year, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and BIPAC (Business-Industry Political Action Committee) have partnered to launch Ohio Prosperity Project. The program seeks to inform employee voters on issues and elections that matter to their daily lives. Our goal is to give voters the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates on the issues impacting business and industry.

Since 1963, BIPAC has guided business through the political process. Today, BIPAC functions as the engine behind America’s largest grassroots business network assisting companies and associations with communications to employee/retiree voters about elections, candidates, and issues.

The Ohio Prosperity Project equips the business community with many essential election tools to help educate employees on the upcoming elections. Through, employers and employees alike can utilize features such as the “Find My Candidates” tool to learn more about their local elections, specific to the area they are registered to vote. If visitors find that they have not registered to vote yet, they can utilize the EZVote tool to download a form online to fill out and return to their local elections office. Should there be key legislation being discussed in the current legislative session, the Ohio Prosperity Project will deploy “Take Action Alerts” on the site to inform their elected officials on their support or disapproval of the bill.

Along with its arsenal of online tools, the Ohio Prosperity Project houses “Candidate Spotlights” to highlight key races in the state. These comparisons are strictly information that came from each candidate – with no spin – to provide employee voters with the most objective information possible. Among these comparisons will be “Candidate Questionnaires” that will be information directly from each candidate’s campaign.

During the last week of September, from the 26th through the 30th, the Ohio Prosperity Project will be taking part in “Employee Voter Registration Week,” a collective effort from the business community to ensure that employee voters are registered to vote for the upcoming election. For more information and how you can get involved in this initiative, please visit