No Matter What or Who — You Need to VOTE!

There has been a lot of talk about not liking either of the presidential candidates this year. Whatever your feelings on the presidential race – that should NOT negate your duty to VOTE. So many races in Ohio mean something.

There are many other extremely important races. For example, for Ohio Supreme Court the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (OCCPAC) is endorsing Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, Judge Pat DeWine and Judge Pat Fischer. Chief Justice O’Connor has been endorsed by OCCPAC in 2002, 2008 and 2010. Judge Pat DeWine currently serves on Ohio’s First District Court of Appeals. He is running for the open seat created by the upcoming retirement of Justice Paul Pfeifer. DeWine’s judicial philosophy is guided by the principle of judicial restraint, which is aligned with OCCPAC’s line of reasoning. Judge Pat Fischer also currently serves on Ohio’s First District Court of Appeals. He is running for the open seat that is being created due to the retirement of Justice Judith Lanzinger. Fischer’s judicial philosophy is consistent with the Ohio Chamber’s longstanding preference for candidates who refrain from judicial activism and do not attempt to legislate from the bench. While “down the ticket”, these races are critical to the business community.

In the Ohio House and Senate, OCCPAC has endorsed 60 House candidates and 14 Senate candidates. In order to select endorsed candidates, OCCPAC utilizes a member-driven, fact-based approach. Several criteria are used to evaluate each race. For incumbents, the Ohio Chamber’s Free Enterprise Index is used as the leading indicator of a candidate’s commitment to improving Ohio’s business climate. Other criteria applying to both incumbents and new candidates includes a candidate questionnaire, personal meetings with candidates and input from our members.

OCCPAC has also selected seven Chamber Choice candidates. Candidates who are selected as Chamber Choice are in highly competitive races and have shown to strongly support job creation and economic growth in our state. These candidates have distinguished themselves on important business issues, and signal to the business community where opportunities exist to ensure the next General Assembly has a strong voice for Ohio’s economy.

During this election season we will continue to provide our members with information through our election-based website, on our blog and through our Twitter accounts @ProBizPolitics and @OhioChamber.

Bottom line is —  there is no excuse for not voting this November. As Thomas Jefferson once said “America is not governed by the majority, but governed by the majority of those who participate.” Make sure you are one of those who participate on November 8!