Supporting Our 2016 OCCPAC Endorsed Candidates

We all work to enhance opportunity.
We’re all for Ohio.

In just under two weeks, Americans head to the polls (if they haven’t already) to fulfill their civic duty and vote. While our nation braces to elect its next Commander-In-Chief, we here at the Ohio Chamber of Commerce PAC (OCCPAC) have been doing all we can to “get local” and support candidates on the state level in Ohio. In previous weeks, I have shared content on Ohio’s Supreme Court races, the presidential campaign, and the U.S. Senate race in our state. This week we will dive in to Ohio’s General Assembly races and their impact on the pro-business climate in our state.

This year, there are 115 races for the Ohio General Assembly. All 99 members of the Ohio House are up for election while 16 of the 33 seats in the Ohio Senate are in play this cycle. This summer OCCPAC released its Ohio General Assembly endorsed candidates for the 2016 General Election. The list includes 74 candidates running in November; of those, seven have been awarded the distinction of Chamber Choice candidate. Of the 74 candidates, 60 are running for seats in the Ohio House of Representatives and 14 are running for seats in the Ohio Senate. We want you to go to the polls armed with the information you need to know who the pro-business candidate is seeking to represent you in the Ohio legislature. Be sure to take a look at our website and vote for the candidate endorsed by OCCPAC.

During the legislative session, our Political Programs department monitors and maintains the Ohio Chamber’s Free Enterprise Index (FEI). The index is a compilation of how members of the Ohio General Assembly voted on bills that most closely align with the Ohio Chamber’s mission. That mission being to aggressively champion free enterprise, economic competitiveness, and growth for the benefit of all Ohioans.

Of the 74 endorsed candidates for the Ohio General Assembly, 10 are not currently members of the Ohio General Assembly. Of the endorsed candidates that are current members of the General Assembly, 78 percent of those candidates carried a 100 percent Session Score this General Assembly. An even greater feat, 34 of the endorsed candidates have carded 100 percent lifetime FEI scores during their entire careers in the legislature. These individuals are true champions of free enterprise.

You may be wondering why all of this really matters. It matters because we need to elect pro-business legislators who understand the concerns of employers and are committed to growing our economy and getting out of the way of business. We need to make sure a pro-business majority returns to serve in Columbus in January. This is why we as a business community must educate and inform others on every election that will be considered, and why we encourage you to vote for pro-business candidates.