Career Opportunities Bill Educates Students on Future Jobs

On Tuesday, The Ohio Chamber of Commerce testified in support of House Bill 98 the Career Opportunities bill.  This legislation provides access to representatives of businesses or institutions of higher education that wish to present their respective opportunities to high school students.  HB 98 dictates that if a skilled trade, business, or college request to present to a high school, they must be given the opportunity at least twice per school year.  This could include participating in a school sponsored job fair or merely a table or booth within a common area of the high school.

At a time in which many businesses are experiencing growth they need to also hire more employees.  Unfortunately, finding a qualified workforce is a challenge for many.  The Ohio Chamber believes that having guaranteed access to high school students will give employers the ability to educate and inform students of the sustainable, good paying in-demand jobs that could be available to them in the future.  Without speaking to students about career opportunities it is likely that the current skills gap will continue to grow.

In this ever-changing economy and job market, building connections between employers and potential employees is critical.  HB 98 is a great means in which to responsibly and thoughtfully create that connection.