Ohio Chamber Board Member Spotlight: Tom Secor

What does your company do?

Durable began in 1923 in Seattle, Washington and moved to Ohio in the 1930’s.  We have been located in our present location in Norwalk, Ohio since 1941.  This is our only location presently. We are both a manufacturer and master distributor.

Our primary product lines are loading dock bumpers, wheel chocks, entrance floor tile and a variety of matting products with anti-fatigue/safety being the largest. Our main manufacturing raw material component is used bias-ply tires.  Given the predominance of steel belted tires in the USA we also source components from China and India. We currently employ 39 individuals, increasing our employees by two this year, and operate a facility in excess of 78,000 sq. ft. on over eight acres of property.

How does your company impact the Ohio economy/benefit the Ohio business community?

With annual sales in excess of $10 million and annual payroll in excess $2 million, the revenue generated to suppliers and taxing authorities is significant. With the exception of our bias-ply manufacturing components all other component items are purchased from Ohio vendors.

What is your role at your company?

I am the president and have been here since 1993.

What do you hope to gain from your membership with the Ohio Chamber?

The Ohio Chamber has been one of my most valuable business resources to enable me the ability to run a company in the state of Ohio. The staff’s knowledge and ability in dealing with legislation and regulation has been invaluable. The interaction afforded between elected officials and their staff and most importantly the guidance to navigate governmental bureaucracy is excellent.  It has allowed me to become a relevant participant in legislation and regulation effecting particularly small business.

How has serving as a member of the board helped you or your company?

My service as a board member has never been to aid or assist myself or Durable but rather has been to lend whatever talents and expertise I may have to maintain and improve the Ohio Chamber.

How long have you been on the board or committee?

I’m not sure exactly when I got involved with the Ohio Chamber but I believe it has been over 20 years now. Initially with the Education Committee and then primarily with the Ohio Small Business Council (OSBC).

What are some of the latest goals/objectives of your company?

Our company goals are to continue to be a provider of quality products with exceptional customer service.

How has the Ohio Chamber helped your company achieve those goals/objectives?

The Ohio Chamber is there to preserve and protect the business environment in Ohio to allow all companies a fair opportunity to compete in the marketplace.