2017 Semi-Annual Reports – Part Two

Yesterday, I compiled the numbers for the statewide races taking place next year. Today, I wanted to look at where things stand with the General Assembly. Currently, House & Senate Republicans are sitting on historic majorities because of last year’s election (66-33 & 24-9, respectively). Since House Republicans re-assumed the majority in 2010, the Democrat caucus has continued to shrink to its current 1/3 share of the majority status. In the upper chamber, the fate of Senate Democrats has been the same since they lost the majority in 1984. The difference this year is that their membership has dwindled down to single digits (9) following Lou Gentile’s defeat in Appalachia. While both minority caucuses will argue that the deck is stacked against them due to how the legislative district lines are drawn, they cannot deny that their fundraising numbers are not up-to-par to be a competitive opposition. In 2018, Democrats have every reason to be bullish on their ability to take back statewide offices and competitive legislative house districts. Historical performance data for a sitting U.S. President’s party combined with Donald Trump’s below 50% approval rating in our state gives Democrats an advantage. Let’s see if they can take advantage of that headwind and close the fundraising gap heading into the mid-terms.

*All figures represent cash on hand

Ohio Senate Caucuses

Republican Senate Campaign Committee, $2.5M

Ohio Senate Democrats, $4K

Senate Caucus Leaders  

Sen. Pres. Larry Obhof, $78K

Minority Leader Kenny Yuko, $26K

Ohio House Caucuses

Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee, $2.6M

House Democratic Caucus Fund, $252K

House Caucus Leaders

Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, $244K

Minority Leader Fred Strahorn, $29K

With Speaker Rosenberger term-limited in 2018, some House Republicans have been positioning themselves to succeed him. Here are some rumored names to watch:

Republican House Speaker Race

Rep. Larry Householder, $716K

Rep. Rob McColley, $31K

Rep. Bill Seitz, $31K

Rep. Ryan Smith, $462K

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