Get the Facts on State Issue 2

The No on Issue 2 campaign continues to make great strides, with the Cleveland Plain Dealer becoming the third major newspaper to oppose the ballot issue in a strongly worded September 15 editorial.  The Columbus Dispatch and Akron Beacon Journal previously editorialized against the initiative.  No major Ohio newspaper has endorsed the proposal to date.

Ohioans Against Issue 2 includes more than 70 statewide and local organizations, including the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, that oppose Issue 2 and are helping to educate Ohio voters.  In addition, Vote No on Issue 2 continues a strong advertising outreach on radio and television, as well as direct mail.  Campaign staff and  policy experts (including three former Medicaid Directors) continue to appear in a number of community forums and meetings all across the state, as well as some upcoming televised debates. While everyone agrees that Ohioans deserve access to affordable prescription drugs, voters are finally beginning to understand why Issue 2 won’t fix the problem and, in fact, would only make things worse.

These final six weeks, however, will be critical.  It’s vitally important that Ohio Chamber of Commerce members —who are among the most trusted voices in their communities —keep the “pedal to the metal” and not let up on education efforts.  Chamber members who need campaign materials to distribute to employees are encouraged to visit to  order items such as posters, brochures and more at no cost.  Early voting starts on October 11, so it is important to  provide information to voters now and in the weeks ahead.

Thanks for all you’ve done thus far.  Those in the business community know that Issue 2 is a prescription for disaster.