Final Thoughts on 2017 Election

Here are some final thoughts on what was learned from the 2017 election.

By now, you’ve seen Tuesday night’s election results. The votes on the two ballot issues were among the most lopsided ever.

Today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer offers some insight on why Issue 2 failed, a key component being widespread voter skepticism regarding the proposal.

If you missed it, here’s our Ohio Chamber 2017 Election Night Blog

Nationally, the Columbus Dispatch talked about what the Democrat gains in Virginia could mean for 2018 contests in Ohio. An easy victory in the gubernatorial race and a historic shift to a near 50-50 split in the House of Delegates will give pundits and strategists a lot to discuss in the lead up to 2018. Mirroring Ohio,  the VA House GOP held a 66-seat majority (out of 100) heading In to Tuesday. They’re now looking at a 50-50 tie. My question is, who came up with an even number for the House of Delegates?…. looking at you, Founding Fathers!

With GOP supermajorities in both chambers of the Ohio General Assembly, House & Senate Dems have an opportunity to take back some seats in regions of the state they have held historically next year…. more on that soon. Statewide, they’ll have some real opportunities to take back seats they haven’t held since the beginning of 2010.

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