Ohio Chamber Employee Spotlight: Michelle Donovan


Michelle Donovan has worked at the Ohio Chamber of Commerce for the past seven years after her previous career serving as executive director at Meigs County Chamber of Commerce. Michelle received her degree in Marketing and Communications from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Get to know Michelle Donovan in this next installment of our Employee Spotlight series.


  1. Do you have any pets? I have two dogs, a bird and a turtle.
  2. Where did you grow up? Coolville, just outside of Athens, Ohio.
  3. Favorite part of your current job? I enjoy the people I work with and meeting new business-minded persons from around the state.
  4. What is your favorite quote? “You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.” – Rosa Parks
  5. What do you think has been the most significant change in society during your lifetime? Our society has become more passionate regarding the treatment of animals & progression (slow but moving) toward acceptance of people that are different than ourselves.
  6. Books you consider a MUST READ for everyone? Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  7. Where is your favorite place to dine out? Case Nueva in Athens, Ohio.
  8. Do you have a secret family recipe? If so, what for? Homemade noodles
  9. Are you afraid of anything? Being unprepared.
  10. What are your three MOST favorite things? Travel, movies and animals

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