Online Centralized Filing System for Net Profit Municipal Taxes Now Available

For many years, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce has been advocating for Municipal Tax Reform. Since there are over 600 municipal taxing authorities in Ohio, the former way of assessing and collecting municipal taxes was the most complicated in the country.

Thanks to legislative changes that were enacted in the most current state budget, Ohio businesses can now opt-in to use a centralized filing system where net profit municipal taxes can be submitted online using one form. By opting in to this system, businesses will no longer have to file individual forms for each municipality in which they do business. This will save businesses not only the time it took to file each form separately, but also the expense of having to do so.

In order to take advantage of this new online system for 2018 payments, businesses need to register by March 1, 2018, at, then click on the link in the center of the page that says Municipal Net Profit Tax. We have included a “how to” sheet so you have a visual on the registration process.

Remember, in order to use this streamlined system, you must register using the link above by March 1, 2018.

With the cooperation of the governor, the members of the General Assembly who voted for the current budget and our partners in the Municipal Tax Reform Coalition, we were able to bring this improved system to Ohio businesses. At the Ohio Chamber of Commerce we are continually looking for ways to improve economic competitiveness. and we believe allowing businesses to file municipal net profit taxes online and in one place is a step in the right direction.