House Bill 98 Passes Both House and Senate

On Wednesday, House Bill 98 passed out of the Ohio Senate and later that day, the Ohio House agreed with the changes that were made to the bill. Both votes were unanimous and serve as a positive step forward for increasing access for students to various career opportunities.

House Bill 98 is straightforward legislation that gives employers, along with universities, trade schools, and military recruiters, the opportunity to present career information twice a year to high school students.

Having guaranteed access to high school students gives employers the ability to educate and inform students of the sustainable, good paying in-demand jobs that could be available to them in the future. This bill allows for our workforce to adapt to the ever-changing economy by having employers present to students, thus building a connection between businesses and potential future employees.

Having now passed through both chambers in the legislature, House Bill 98 now awaits the governor’s signature.