Ohio Chamber Supports State Issue 1

On Wednesday, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted to support State Issue 1, the May 8 ballot proposal that would reform the way Ohio’s congressional districts are drawn.

“The Ohio Chamber has long recognized the need for sensible changes to the redistricting process and we are pleased to join the bipartisan coalition supporting State Issue 1,” said President & CEO Andrew E. Doehrel. “Job creators know the value of a fair and competitive playing field in the marketplace, and State Issue 1 will bring this element of necessary, healthy competition to congressional campaigns, as well.”

State Issue 1 would establish a new process for how Ohio handles congressional redistricting, replacing the existing process in which a simple majority of the General Assembly determines the new congressional districts by passing a bill that the governor then signs into law. While state lawmakers will continue to control the map-making process under the new proposal, it will require a bipartisan supermajority and includes other checks and balances that guard against partisan gerrymandering. The proposal also establishes other fair criteria that must be followed for drawing congressional districts.

“Twice in the past 15 years, the Ohio Chamber has opposed proposals to change Ohio’s redistricting process because they were flawed proposals that did not represent a consensus approach,” Doehrel noted. “We applaud the General Assembly and the coalition of redistricting reform proponents for putting aside their partisan differences and forging a bipartisan solution for voters to consider.”

The Ohio Chamber will be educating its members on these ballot issues by recommending that they vote YES on Issue 1 in the upcoming May 8 primary election.

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