House Committee Leadership Announced

House Speaker Larry Householder has announced the committee changes and committee assignments for the current General Assembly. Those serving as leaders for each committee are listed in this blog. Since the Ohio Chamber of Commerce no longer publishes a printed version of a legislative directory, we will update readers on committee rosters and changes through this blog.

House Committees and Committee Leaders:

Aging & Long-Term Care – Chair Rep. Steven Arndt, Vice Chair Rep. Bill Reineke; Ranking Minority Member Rep. Stephanie Howse

Agriculture & Rural Development – Chair Rep. Kyle Koehler, Vice Chair Rep. Todd Smith; Ranking Minority Member Rep. Juanita Brent

Armed Services & Veterans Affairs* – Chair Rep. Rick Perales, Vice Chair Rep. Ron Hood; Ranking Minority Member Rep. Casey Weinstein

Civil Justice – Chair Rep. Steve Hambley, Vice Chair Rep. Tom Patton; Ranking Minority Member Rep. Richard Brown

Commerce & Labor* – Chair Rep. Gayle Manning, Vice Chair Rep. Bill Dean; Ranking Minority Member Michele Lapore-Hagan

Criminal Justice – Chair Rep. George Lange, Vice Chair Rep. Phil Plummer; Ranking Minority Member Rep. Dave Leland

  •                 Criminal Sentencing Subcommittee** – Co-Chairs Rep. Sarah LaTourette and Rep. Tavia Galonski

Economic & Workforce Development* – Chair Rep. Paul Zeltwanger, Vice Chair Rep. Jena Powell; Ranking Minority Member Lisa Sobecki

Energy & Natural Resources – Chair Rep. Nino Vitale, Vice Chair Rep. Darrell Kick; Ranking Minority Member Sedrick Denson

  •                 Energy Generation Subcommittee** – Co-Chairs Rep. Dick Stein and Rep. Michael O’Brien

Federalism*– Chair Rep. John Becker, Vice Chair Rep. Reggie Stoltzfus; Ranking Minority Member Adam Miller

Finance – Chair Rep. Scott Oelslager, Vice Chair Rep. Gary Scherer; Ranking Minority Member Rep. Jack Cera

                Finance Subcommittees:

  •                 Agriculture, Development & Natural Resources – Co-Chairs Rep. Jim Hoops and Rep. Paula Hicks-Hudson
  •                 Health & Human Services – Co-Chairs Rep. Mark Romanchuk and Rep. Thomas West
  •                 Higher Education – Co-Chairs Rep. Rick Carfagna and Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney
  •                 Primary & Secondary Education – Co-Chairs Rep. Bob Cupp and Rep. John Patterson
  •                 Transportation – Co-Chairs Rep. Dave Greenspan and Rep. Mike Skindell

Financial Institutions* – Chair Rep. Kris Jordan, Vice Chair Rep. Brett Hillyer; Ranking Minority Member Rep. Kent Smith

Health – Chair Rep. Derek Merrin, Vice Chair Rep. Don Manning; Ranking Minority Member: Rep. Janine Boyd

Higher Education*– Chair Rep. Candice Keller, Vice Chair Rep. Craig Riedel; Ranking Minority Member Rep. Catherine Ingram

Insurance – Chair Rep. Tom Brinkman, Vice Chair Rep. Niraj Antani; Ranking Minority Member Rep. Kristin Boggs

Primary and Secondary Education** – Chair Rep. Lou Blessing, Vice Chair Rep. Don Jones; Ranking Minority Member Rep. Phillip Robinson

Public Utilities – Chair Rep. Jamie Callender, Vice Chair Rep. Shane Wilkin; Ranking Minority Member Rep. Glenn Holmes

Rules & Reference – Chair Speaker Larry Householder, Vice Chair Rep. Jim Butler; Ranking Minority Member Rep Emilia Sykes

State & Local Government – Chair Rep. Scott Wiggam, Vice Chair Rep. Tim Ginter; Ranking Minority Member Rep. Brigid Kelly

Transportation & Public Safety – Chair Rep. Doug Green, Vice Chair Rep. Riordan McClain; Ranking Minority Member Rep. Michael Sheehy

Ways & Means – Chair Rep. Tim Schaffer, Vice Chair Rep. Scott Lipps; Ranking Minority Member Rep. John Rogers

*Indicates change made to the name of the committee

**Indicates this is a new committee or subcommittee