Member Spotlight: MGM Northfield Park

The magic and mystique of Las Vegas made its way to Ohio with MGM Northfield Park, one of the Ohio Chamber’s newest members. Situated in Northfield, this does-it-all entertainment destination spread its Las Vegas roots around the world with locations across the U.S., but also in China and Japan, encompassing 30 total locations. MGM Northfield Park is the only destination in Ohio.

Gaming and dining options only scratch the surface of MGM Northfield Park, an industry that looks at entertainment outside of its extracurricular confines, viewing it as, “A fundamental human need,” according to Jamie Brown, the vice president of marketing at MGM Northfield Park.

The variety of dining, gaming, entertainment and retail options establish MGM Northfield Park as a leader in the gaming and hospitality industry.

“…We exist to entertain the human race,” says Brown. “We develop and create immersive experiences that redefine conventional notions of entertainment and are extraordinary in every way.”

MGM Northfield Park started fresh in 2019 with about 1,000 employees after being formally known as Hard Rock Rocksino, which opened in 2013. The gaming facility wanted to take further steps in shaping Ohio’s gaming and hospitality landscape by joining the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, a move they said would help them to learn and grow in the industry.

“We are excited to share our experience and to learn best practices from others in the Chamber,” says Chris Kelly, president and chief operating officer, or COO, of MGM Northfield Park. “The Ohio Chamber of Commerce offers us the ability to grow relationships with our local and state partners, and to collaborate with diverse and talented teams in our community.”

MGM Northfield Park is the only MGM location in Ohio, nestled in Northfield.

To find MGM Northfield Park online, visit their company website here.

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