Member Spotlight: Banner Metals Group, Inc.

Starting small in 1921 in a 12,000-square-foot building in Columbus, Ohio, Banner Metals Group, Inc. began as a tool and die company that served customers of the Industrial Age. They now operate as a full-service metal products group and are one of the newest members at the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. They provide services from metal stamping and fabrication to welding, laser cutting and complete engineering services.

Banner Metals Group, Inc. is a complete metal products group.

Adaptability lies at the center of the 40-employee company as they have continued to change and evolve to fit the growing market throughout the years. Their simple beginnings almost 100 years ago as the Banner Die, Tool and Stamping Company transformed them into the company they are today; one that is focused on world class service and customer interactions. The company found that orchestrating a different buying experience for each customer is what makes them stand out, solidifying their mark in the industry with not only good metal products and services, but a valued, individualized experience.

Banner Metals Group, Inc. changed their name in 2011 to reflect their offered services.

Banner Metals Group, Inc. joined the Ohio Chamber of Commerce as a means to continue this growth and advocacy for the business community and to, “Learn about the impact on proposed regulations that could effect our business and provide a voice from small manufacturing companies,” says Bronson Jones, the president and CEO of Banner Metals Group, Inc. To find Banner Metals Group, Inc. online, visit their company website here.