Minority Business Enterprise Bill Passes Senate

Today, the Ohio Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 105; legislation that would require local political subdivisions to recognize state certifications for minority business enterprises (MBE).

SB 105 was amended in the Senate Small Business and Economic Opportunity Committee to include women-owned businesses as well as veteran-friendly businesses for inclusion in this program. The Ohio Chamber joined the Metro Chamber Coalition to offer support for this bill in March.

This bill would allow MBEs to rely on their state MBE certification in order to be eligible to participate in local MBE programs. It would also allow MBEs to utilize their certification from the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) for local government certifications throughout the state. This would greatly simplify the local MBE certification process, saving time, paperwork and fees for minority-owned businesses. It would also allow MBEs to apply more easily for contracts around the state.

This legislation removes significant barriers for MBEs ultimately increasing their access to more opportunities. In doing so, Ohio makes doing business for MBEs more seamless and efficient, while improving our state’s overall business climate for minority-owned businesses.

The bill now heads to the Ohio House for further consideration, and it is our hope that the bill will move quickly in order to provide much-needed relief that cuts through red tape for minority-owned businesses.