Chamber Lends Support to Workforce Development Measure

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio employers were struggling with the issue of workforce development. The pandemic served to shine even greater light on the issue. With that being said, there has been a major effort within the Ohio legislature to attempt to tackle this growing problem. The current bill that seeks to chip away at the issue is Senate Bill 166.

SB 166 would provide incentives to Ohio employers to offer work-based learning opportunities to students. Whether it is an internship, mentorship, or apprenticeship, these opportunities can serve as a gateway for students and others to gain experience as well as develop the workforce of the future. In many situations, work-based learning programs can lead to jobs and ultimately, careers for individuals.

Other provisions of the bill seek to eliminate hurdles or barriers that exist for employers who may be looking to bring on these types of individuals. One such provision stipulates that an employer would be held harmless on their insurance premiums by bringing on someone who qualifies for this program. This type of effort will only serve to encourage employers to open their doors in an effort to focus on developing the workforce of the future.

The Ohio Chamber lent its support to this bill earlier in the week and is looking forward to further consideration of the measure. This bill is a companion piece of legislation to House Bill 303 which is also pending in the House Economic and Workforce Development Committee