Campaign Finance Reports: Ohio House Republican Primary Races

The following report provides the cash on hand totals (i.e. what the candidates currently have in their accounts) for the individuals seeking the Republican nomination for the Ohio House of Representatives this cycle. The reports are provided via Secretary of State Jon Husted’s website.

*Denotes Incumbent

House District 1

Republican Primary

Scott Wiggam $35,326
David Kiefer-No Report Filed

OCCPAC endorsed Wayne County Commissioner Scott Wiggam has filed with a large number. His opponent, former commissioner David Kiefer has not filed a report.

House District 7

Republican Primary

Sen. Tom Patton $140,478
Jennifer Herold $0

State Sen. Tom Patton is running for Rep. Mike Dovilla’s house seat. Sen. Patton has been a prolific fundraiser throughout his career in the legislature. This year will not be any different.

House District 27

Republican Primary

Rep. Tom Brinkman, Jr.* $6,665
Heidi Huber-No Report Filed

Rep. Brinkman faces former supporter Heidi Huber in the primary. Huber, a common core activist, did not file a report.

House District 40

Republican Primary

Rep. Mike Henne* $39,079
Thomas McMasters $0

OCCPAC endorsed Rep. Mike Henne seeks his fourth and final term in the Ohio House.

House District 47

Republican Primary

Kevin Haddad-No Report Filed
Barbara Lang-No Report Filed
Vicki-Donovan Lyle-No Report Filed
Derek Merrin $4,131

In this four-way primary to replace term-limited Rep. Barb Sears, former Waterville Mayor Derek Merrin is the only candidate that has raised any reported money.

House District 51

Republican Primary

Courtney Combs $838
Rep. Wes Retherford* $20,319

Former state Rep. Courtney Combs has received the endorsement of the Butler County GOP in his challenge to incumbent Rep. Wes Retherford. Combs is currently losing the cash advantage to Retherford by a margin of 20-1.

House District 53

Republican Primary

Candice Keller $2,050
Joe Mulligan $27,908

OCCPAC endorsed candidate Joe Mulligan filed a large number in his race to succeed Rep. Tim Derickson in Butler County.

House District 57

Republican Primary

Kathy Frombaugh-No Report Filed
Tim Opsitnik $0
Dick Stein $1,774
Lee Charles Waldrup $0

This four-way primary will lead to a competitive general election for Republican candidates. Waiting in the wings for the Democrats is former County Sheriff Tom Dunlap.

House District 59

Republican Primary

Don Manning $0
Jim Murphy-No Report Filed

No money was raised for the Republican primary. The winner will face Democratic Rep. John Boccieri in the fall.

House District 62

Republican Primary

Jake Fryman-No Report Filed
Scott Lipps $54,041
Steve Muterspaw $16,099
Ray Warrick $9,833

Businessman Scott Lipps leads the way with a large haul in the four-way race to succeed term-limited Rep. Ron Maag in Warren County.

House District 64

Republican Primary

Richard Hlaudy-No Report Filed
Martha Yoder $6,825

Township Trustee Martha Yoder has raised nearly 7,000 dollars in the Republican primary for HD 64. The winner faces Democratic Rep. Michael O’Brien in the fall.

House District 68

Republican Primary

Myles Bancroft $119
Rick Carfagna $27,629
Beth Lear $17,829
Jason Rogers $1,119

OCCPAC endorsed candidate Rick Carfagna looks to succeed term-limited Rep. Margaret Ann Ruhl in the seat that encompasses Knox and portions of Delaware County.

House District 69

Republican Primary

Rep. Steve Hambley* $2,124
Chris Sawicki $801 (Semi-Annual 2015)
Rep. Steve Hambley faces his primary opponent from 2014 again in HD 69.

House District 70

Republican Primary

Steven Johnson $0
Darrell Kick $0
Lisa Woods-No Report Filed

To date, no money has been raised in the Republican primary for term-limited Rep. Dave Hall’s seat.

House District 72

Republican Primary

Cliff Biggers $347
Larry Householder $1,000

There is not much of a contrast in money raised between former Speaker of the House Larry Householder and Coshocton City Councilman Cliff Biggers. This is a race to watch during the primary season.

House District 74

Republican Primary

Bill Dean-No Report Filed
Joe Russell $7,003
Brendan Shea $3,083
Chris Wallace $3,895

Lobbyist Joe Russell has raised the most money in this primary. All the candidates for this race are political newcomers, making it highly competitive.

House District 82

Republican Primary

Rep. Tony Burkley* $17,207
Craig Riedel $10,447

OCCPAC endorsed candidate Rep. Tony Burkley faces a tough primary from opponent Craig Riedel. The Riedel campaign spent $32,000 during the reporting period.

House District 83

Republican Primary

Kevin Rettig $0
Rep. Robert Sprague* $54,205

Rep. Robert Sprague filed an impressive number against his 2014 opponent Kevin Rettig.

House District 87

Republican Primary

Wes Goodman $43,453
Steve Reinhard $1,228
Tom Whiston $30,697

Conservative activist Wes Goodman leads the fundraising totals over his opponents, former state Rep. Steve Reinhard and Morrow County Commissioner Tom Whiston.