Lt. Gov. Taylor Announces Small Business Toolkit

Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor recently announced in Toledo the launch of a new electronic toolkit that is designed to help Ohio’s small businesses navigate regulatory issues and other matters.

This new asset to small businesses is available at The toolkit is part of the Common Sense Initiative (CSI), which was created by Gov. John Kasich in 2011 to help foster a more jobs-friendly regulatory climate in Ohio.  Lt. Gov. Taylor oversees the CSI program.

The concept of the toolkit was conceived by small businesses from across the state. The CSI Small Business Toolkit gives Ohio’s businesses information on how to participate in the rule review process, how to use CSI to resolve specific regulatory challenges, and shares some of the successes CSI has had in helping the business community since the office was created in 2011.

“We have made great progress reforming Ohio’s regulatory environment through CSI,” Taylor said. “But our progress is enhanced when small business owners take part in the CSI process. The CSI Small Business Toolkit gives them the information they need in a simple, accessible way and I hope it leads to even more business participation.”

For more information on CSI, visit their website or follow the office on Facebook and Twitter.