Let’s Get Local This November

Each General Election we go to the polls and have a very important decision to make. Whether it’s a race to determine the next President of the United States, or a local election for county commissioner, we are free to select whomever we want from whichever party we choose. We’re allowed to vote for Democrats, Republicans, third party candidates or a combination of the three. Different from the closed primary in Ohio, November’s election gives us the opportunity to vote for candidates of any political party. This gives employee voters a lot of power this election.

With the Presidential race heating up as we continue to head towards November, some are concerned about the effect that it will have on other races further down the ballot. This is where you, the employer, come in. There is no need to tell voters which candidate to vote for. In fact, doing so is strongly discouraged as it would lead to turning off employees from listening to the real message. Simply mentioning the fact that there is more than just the Presidential election this year and encouraging employees to get educated about their candidates is the real mission here. And we can’t do that without your help.

To get started, visit this link and download the messaging for the “Let’s Get Local” campaign. This packet provides sample messaging for you, as an employer, to send out to your employees in a non-biased, nonpartisan manner. On this page, you will also find sample social media graphics and posts, infographics, and more! There, the employees can get more information on their candidates and see important election dates for the remainder of the election.

Let’s get local this election and draw attention to the down ballot candidates. Please contact Rich Thompson or John Friess.