New Website Provides Nonpartisan Information For Employers & Employees

No election has ever turned the political world on its head quite like the 2016 campaign cycle. News outlets, social media, commercials, the water cooler, and dinner tables; no matter where you went you couldn’t escape politics. With such an overload of information, many voters received conflicting information regarding candidates and their positions on issues.

Did you know that employers rank as the most credible source of information on political and public policy issues? According to polling put out by our non-partisan partners over at the Business-Industry Political Action Committee, or BIPAC, employers are seen as more credible than political parties, labor unions, and the news media. In that same poll, employees, by a 2-to-1 margin, want their employer to share important policy information with them.

This is why, through the Ohio Chamber’s partnership with BIPAC, we are launching “Ohio P2” – a new website designed to empower employers and employees alike. On Ohio P2, visitors can view issues specific information on our Top Issues page, find their polling place, register to vote, find out who their legislators are, write their legislators on important business related issues, and view side by side candidate comparisons as we get closer to 2018.

If you would like to get involved in this initiative, or would like to learn more about Ohio P2, please contact me at or 614-629-0923