Ohio Chamber Testifies In Support of HB 98

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce recently testified at the Senate Education Committee in support of House Bill 98. This bill provides access to representatives of businesses or institutions of higher education that wish to present possible opportunities to high school students.

This is very timely legislation, in that workforce development and finding workers to meet the demands of businesses for present and future needs is an immense challenge for nearly every employer.

At a time that businesses are having difficulty finding a qualified workforce, this will provide much needed information for prospective students that may not be aware of all the opportunities for training and employment that are available to them.

The Ohio Chamber believes that having guaranteed access to high school students gives employers the ability to educate and inform students of the sustainable, good paying in-demand jobs that could be available to them in the future.

In this ever-changing economy and job market, building connections between employers and potential employees is critical.  HB 98 is a great means in which to responsibly and thoughtfully create that connection. Having passed 92-0 in the Ohio House, the Ohio Chamber will continue to advocate for its passage in the Senate.