Ohio Chamber PAC Announces 2018 Primary Endorsements

Yesterday, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (OCCPAC) released its General Assembly endorsements for the May 8th Primary Election. OCCPAC has tapped 19 General Assembly candidates for endorsement.

With many term-limited legislators and an ever-shifting national political landscape, 2018 will be a year of change in Ohio politics, one way or another. It is the mission of OCCPAC to identify pro-business candidates for the General Assembly that will champion free enterprise and pro-growth policies here in Columbus. The candidates that we have endorsed will do just that. They are all advocates for policies that will put Ohioans to work and make our state an attractive place to do business.”

OCCPAC utilizes a member-driven approach to endorsing candidates for the General Assembly. Several sets of criteria are used to evaluate each race. For incumbents, the Ohio Chamber’s Free Enterprise Index score is used as the leading indicator of a candidate’s commitment to improving Ohio’s business climate. Other criteria applying to both incumbents and non-incumbents includes a candidate questionnaire, personal meetings with candidates and input from member businesses.

Of the endorsed candidates, 15 of the 19 candidates are current members of the legislature. The remaining four endorsed candidates have been identified as the preferred pro-business candidate in primary races for the Ohio House.

To view the full list, click here.

204 thoughts on “Ohio Chamber PAC Announces 2018 Primary Endorsements

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