House and Senate Overwhelmingly Pass Ohio Chamber Priority Bill

On Wednesday, the Ohio Legislature took a major step forward towards much-needed regulatory reform. Senate Bill 221, which has long been an Ohio Chamber priority bill, passed through the House and the Senate and is now on its way to Governor Kasich’s desk.

Both bodies approved this bill by large margins; 73-20 in the House and the Senate agreed to the changes made by the House by a margin of 23-6. The actions taken on Wednesday signify the legislature’s understanding that rule and regulatory reform is necessary in our state. To see whether or not your lawmakers voted to ensure Ohio’s rules and regulations are jobs-friendly, check out our updated Free Enterprise Index.

As can be seen by the large margin in each of the votes, this issue is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This is a common sense, pro-business piece of legislation that helps improve the regulatory climate in our state. Though the Kasich Administration has expressed reservations about the bill from the beginning, it is our hope that the governor quickly signs SB 221 into law.

For more information on the bill, please see last week’s post which outlines what the bill does and how it will help your business.