Ohio Chamber Releases Updated Free Enterprise Index

Positive Results for Ohio Employers

Despite a nearly eight-week stretch during which the Ohio House of Representatives was without a Speaker and unable to conduct its ordinary business, the first half of 2018 nonetheless saw several important pieces of legislation that impact employers or our state’s business climate advance through the legislative process. Four significant bills even made it all the way to the end of the process, passing both legislative chambers and being signed into law by Gov. John Kasich.

With lawmakers having now returned home to their districts to begin their campaigns for re-election in November, many of them will justifiably be able to boast on the campaign trail that they have been working effectively to improve Ohio’s economy.

CLICK HERE to view your legislator’s Free Enterprise score in a pdf version. CLICK HERE to read the online version.

Since we published our last edition of the Free Enterprise Index in January, seven additional votes were taken by the House and five more by the Senate on bills that the Ohio Chamber considered key votes.

Scores vary widely, however. We encourage you to look closely at how your legislators voted and see how your interests are being represented at the Statehouse. Then, be sure to thank them – or let them know they need to make fostering a competitive business environment a greater priority.