Business Fairness Act Clears Committee

Today, Amended House Bill 621, also known as the Business Fairness Act, passed out of the Ohio House State and Local Government Committee. The Ohio Small Business Council lent their support to this measure during the committee process.

This serves as the next step in the legislative process towards providing clarity and a straight-forward process for businesses in the state of Ohio during future times of crisis. Am. HB 621 will allow any business – to remain open or reopen – that can demonstrate compliance with any safety precautions a government order or regulation requires of businesses permitted to continue operations.

The approach laid out in Am. HB 621 sets up an easy to understand process and allows for business owners to demonstrate that they can operate safely without putting their employees or customers alike in harm’s way.

We believe this is an important bill, especially given the timing of it, and the issues many small businesses are having as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The bill now awaits a full House floor vote before receiving additional consideration in the Ohio Senate.