Chamber Lends Support to Cosmetology Reform Measure

Today, the Ohio Chamber offered support to Senate Bill 133; legislation that would bring about commonsense changes to Ohio’s cosmetology and barber laws and licensure system.

The Ohio Chamber regularly tackles issues related to workforce development and business overregulation. Many times, Chamber members express grave concern with the struggle to find qualified workers and that government regulations impede their ability to grow. An example of this is in the private cosmetology school setting where there is a requirement that an individual have 1,500 training hours before being able to sit for the state board examination. Many of these hours are spent in a classroom and not actually practicing the trade.

SB 133 is a common-sense reform that will translate into individuals achieving licensure more expeditiously. Salon owners throughout the state continue to cite staffing shortages and difficulty finding qualified employees that are not saddled with high student loan debt as chief concerns. Shortened cosmetology programs may translate into lower tuition costs and, in many cases, lower student loan debt. Lowering the barriers to entry, such as cost and a lengthy licensure process, can prevent individuals from foregoing cosmetology as a viable career path while not sacrificing quality.

Lastly, many salon owners are small businesses who already face a tremendous amount of regulation and red tape. The passage of SB 133 will send a clear message to these entrepreneurs that Ohio understands the challenges they face and wants to remove barriers to individuals entering this industry.

This bill has been introduced in each of the last two General Assemblies, and it is our hope that this time around, the bill will move through the legislative process and into law.