Member Spotlight: Skynet Technologies

With a business philosophy that includes sharing ideas, techniques, and growing together with their clients, Skynet Technologies is one of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce’s newest members.

Founded in 2002, Skynet Technologies is headquartered in Amelia, Ohio, with locations in Nevada, Florida, Australia, and India. They have over 1,000 clients and continue to help businesses of all sizes grow by empowering them in their digital space.

With a vast offering of services, Skynet Technologies serves a wide range of clients and industries. A mission to empower businesses to grow in a digital space, they provide end to end IT services including, but certainly not limited to, website design & development, ecommerce shopping cart, SEO & digital marketing, ADA website design, and mobile app development.

Connecting with and building lasting relationships with other members, and offering services at a discount to other members are just a few of the reasons they’re excited to be a part of the Ohio Chamber.

“Skynet Technologies is excited to be a member of Ohio Chamber of Commerce. We see a great value in our mutual relationship with the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and their members,” Says Rajesh Bhimani, Group CEO of Skynet Technologies. “We craft solutions that foster customer engagement and transform your business growth! We always approach ‘Customer First’ and deliver the best result. Our clients can always count on us!”

To learn more about Skynet Technologies, visit