Problematic Education Rule Package Invalidated

The Senate has voted on a concurrent resolution; thus, formally invalidating the problematic rule package.

Last week, the Ohio House moved to invalidate a rule package that proposed changes to Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3301-35-04. In a move supported by the Ohio Chamber, the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) made this recommendation – something they have not done in over 25 years.

This rule package would remove the requirement that courses be taught in areas such as business education, family and consumer sciences, and especially technology from the operating standards for public schools. In a letter distributed to JCARR on Tuesday, the Chamber, along with other business trade associations, expressed our collective concerns with this rule package and how it would adversely impact businesses in Ohio.

Following the recommendation for invalidation from JCARR, the House had to proceed with a concurrent resolution to formally invalidate the rule. Procedurally, they had five session days to move forward with the resolution. House Concurrent Resolution 35 (HCR 35) passed on the House Floor on Wednesday unanimously and now heads to the Ohio Senate for further consideration. Subsequently, the Ohio Senate has five session days to consider the concurrent resolution. Should the Ohio Senate take this concurrent resolution up during that time frame, the rule package would formally be invalidated.

This move from JCARR with the action from the Ohio House immediately following serves as an important step forward in the rule-making process. With this specific rule package, it would have been an unprecedented move following objections to this rule package from the Common Sense Initiative Office.