UPDATED: 2014 Candidate List for General Assembly/Congress

The county boards of elections have now certified all of the candidates for 2014, so I have updated the candidate list for General Assembly and Congress. It is available below, and also at the bottom of the page under “Election Information.”
The most significant change following the certification process was in House District 88, where Rep. Rex Damschroder was forced to withdraw due to faulty petitions. He is legally barred from running as a write-in, so his wife Rhonda is running in his stead. If she wins, she will resign and Rep. Damschroder will be appointed. It may not be a cake walk though. Two other candidates, Richard Geyer and Bill Reineke Jr., have also decided to run write-in campaigns in the GOP primary. Richard Geyer is a Ballville Township Trustee, and Bill Reineke Jr. is the president of Tiffin Ford/Lincoln.
There were also noteworthy changes in House District’s 39 and 56, where Reps. Fred Strahorn and Dan Ramos originally had primary opponents. Those challengers are no longer on the ballot, saving the incumbent legislators some work this spring.
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