ICYMI: Ohio Chamber PAC endorses 21 for May 6 Primary

In case you missed it, we released our primary endorsements last week (if you did miss it, you need to follow me on Twitter – @ProBizPolitics). Of the 52 General Assembly primaries set to take place on May 6, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (OCCPaC) endorsed in 21 of them. It was the most endorsements OCCPaC has made in a primary dating back to 2000.
Many of the endorsed candidates are incumbents with outstanding voting records, which is a key component of OCCPaC’s endorsement criteria. Of the 18 endorsed incumbents, 11 have 100 percent lifetime pro-business scores, and nearly all of them have 100 percent scores for this session of the General Assembly. Several of the candidates also have valuable experience in the private sector, which is another important consideration. Electing candidates who understand the real world implications of how policy affects employers is critical.
You can see the list of endorsed candidates here. Now we’ll be working to help these candidates win on May 6. If you live in any of these districts, be sure to vote for the pro-business candidate!
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