TV Ads Hitting the Airwaves for Pro-Business Candidates

Over the past couple months, you’ve likely seen some political ads on the airwaves. Most, if not all of the statewide candidates have been on TV at some point. There are even more ads up this week with Election Day less than a week away. It’s not only the statewide races anymore, but local candidates too. About two-thirds of the electorate still votes on Election Day, and all of the candidates want to be fresh in their minds when they head to the polls on Tuesday.

The Partnership for Ohio’s Future, a 501(c)4 organization established by the Ohio Chamber, is on the air this week with ads on behalf of several General Assembly candidates. Hopefully voters will realize the importance of having a legislature focused on improving Ohio’s business climate and making our economy stronger.

Below is the ad for Rep. Anthony DeVitis, who faces a tough race in Summit County’s House District 36. Ads are also up for Sen. Bill Beagle, Rep. Stephanie Kunze, Rep. Anne Gonzales, Rep. Stephen Slesnick, and Kyle Koehler. They can all be seen on the Partnership’s YouTube channel.

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