Ohio Chamber Board Member Spotlight: Lois Rosenberry

Our next Board Member Spotlight showcases Lois Rosenberry, an Ohio Chamber Board Member since 2001. Lois is the founder and CEO of Children’s Discovery Center and also serves as a member of the Ohio Small Business Council Committee and our Executive Committee.

What does your company do?

Children’s Discovery Center is a premier early care and education provider that encourages learning through exploration within a creative, nurturing environment. We have eight locations in Ohio and South Carolina serving 1700 children.

How does your company impact the Ohio economy/benefit the Ohio business community?

Children’s Discovery Center employs 200 people in Ohio who serve as directors, teachers, assistants and support staff. Because of the nature of our services, we provide peace-of-mind to working parents which enables them to competently fulfill their work responsibilities in the marketplace. We also utilize vendors from other industries including banking, accounting, food, paper supplies, utilities, printing, maintenance and more. Therefor we also impact the overall health of the supporting businesses.

What is your role at the company?

I am the founder of CDC and serve as the CEO.

How have you or your business benefited from your involvement with the Ohio Chamber?

I have gleaned best business practice ideas through my connections with other members, kept up to date with pending legislation that affects Ohio’s business climate and have become an issue advocate. Through my membership I can make my voice heard at the Statehouse.

How long have you been on the board?

I have served on the Ohio Chamber Board of Directors for about 16 years.

What are some of the latest goals/objectives of your company?

Our company is birthing a catering company called Inspired Kitchen that strives to improve the nutritional meals served to our children. We are focused on improving teacher training to ensure a high quality project-based educational approach that incorporates the STEAM model. We are exploring opening a new center to better serve our business community as well.

How has the Ohio Chamber helped your company achieve those goals/objectives?

The Ohio Chamber has opened the door for me to speak directly with legislators regarding industry specific legislation, to participate in online training sessions to improve my business performance and to attend Salt Fork Policy Conference where I have been able to stay on the cutting edge of new trends and issues at both the state and national level.