Member Spotlight: SHARE

The future of transportation can be found right in the heart of Columbus with microtransit company SHARE, one of the newest members of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

SHARE offers transportation services through a ride-share program. It focuses on solving city transportation problems like heavy traffic, limited route options and high carbon emissions by offering rides to places that people travel to the most, such as work or school. SHARE partners with organizations like schools, businesses, senior communities, health providers and cities to offer discounted ride options for groups of people, cutting back on single-occupancy vehicles as well as saving individuals money.

The idea for SHARE, however, began with founders Ryan and Hoa McManus on the other side of the country in Portland, Oregon when an opportunity arose with Jaguar Land Rover and their tech incubator in June 2016. Hoa and Ryan spent six months with the automotive company learning about the industry and new automotive technology. After their time in Oregon, they brought their knowledge back to Columbus to start building SHARE, which now has an office in Cleveland as well, with 115 employees and drivers across both cities.

SHARE uses a software that helps them be efficient and successful in the pool of microtransit companies. Organizations can control route options, shuttle operations and live track vehicles directly from the software or app. Businesses can schedule a demo on SHARE’s website to see how their software best fits with their company.

SHARE hopes to expand in the coming years to cities across Ohio, prompting them to join the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

“We find that joining chambers is important to our business because we want to partner with cities to bring SHARE’s solutions to them,” says Hoa. “For us, it is a strategic partnership.”

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