Ohio to Work Pilot Project

In yesterday’s press conference, Governor DeWine, along with JP Nauseef, president and CEO of JobsOhio, announced that JobsOhio and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation and the Ohio Development Services Agency will launch a pilot initiative called Ohio To Work.

The initiative will help connect Ohioans looking for a job to a new job opportunity. Ohio To Work brings together employers, nonprofits, educators and training providers to help Ohioans reskill and restart their careers. Individuals participating in Ohio To Work will be provided a career coach, be invited to virtual career fairs and be connected to employers ready to hire.

It is our hope that this creative and innovative approach to workforce development will assist individuals either looking for employment or looking for a new job and continue to help bridge the workforce gap faced by our state. Workforce development was already a top concern for Ohio businesses before the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Efforts such as this new initiative serve as the next step in attempting to resolve one of, if not the biggest, issue facing Ohio businesses.

Given that this is a pilot project, it is our hope that it is successful and therefore, something that could potentially be replicated across the state. The first Ohio To Work initiative will be launched in Cleveland- Cuyahoga County. Ohioans can learn more at OhioToWork.com.