Business Grants Still Available 

The Ohio Department of Development recently announced that millions of dollars are still available for businesses through various grant programs. 

As you may recall, last November, Governor DeWine designated that federal funds would be designated for small business relief, among other businesses. More recently, with the passage of Senate Bills 108 and 109, additional federal funds were put into these programs.  

As it stands today, there are still millions of these federal dollars available within each of these funds. The money is available through programs serving restaurants, bars and other food and drink businesses; hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts; entertainment venues; and the aforementioned, small businesses.  

According to the Department of Development, the food and beverage grant has awarded more than $79 million of its available funds and has more than $120 million remaining. The lodging grant program has issued more than $13 million, with more than $36 million remaining. For entertainment venues, nearly $14 million has been issued with more than $26 million still unused. For small businesses, almost $13 million is still available after the program has issued grants totaling more than $7 million.   

If your business falls into any of these categories, more information about the grant programs and details about the application process are available at Additionally, any questions regarding the programs can be directed to [email protected].