General Assembly Members Look to Continue Careers in Public Service on both State and Local Levels

Beginning in the year 2000, Ohio General Assembly members were limited to eight years of consecutive service (four two year terms for the House of Representatives and two four year terms for the Senate) following the result of a 1992 referendum vote. It is now common to see term-limited legislators swapping seats with colleagues in the opposite chamber to which they serve. Incumbency comes with its perks. Having name recognition in the region you are running as well as a previously constructed campaign operation makes for an easier path to election. This year seven members of the General Assembly are running to extend their legislative careers in a new legislative chamber. Other term-limited elected officials use their name recognition to run for local or statewide office.  While no legislators are on the ballot statewide, eight are running for local positions throughout Ohio.

HD 1-Ron Amstutz-Running for Wayne County Commissioner

HD 24-Stephanie Kunze– Running for Ohio Senate, 16th District

HD 25-Kevin Boyce-Running for Franklin County Commissioner

HD 30-Lou Terhar- Running for Ohio Senate, 8th District

HD 31-Denise Driehaus- Running for Hamilton County Commissioner

HD 49-Stephen Slesnick- Running for Stark County Commissioner

HD 57-Terry Boose- Running for Huron County Commissioner

HD 62-Ron Maag- Rumored to be vying for an appointment to 7th Senate District

HD 63-Sean O’Brien-Running for Ohio Senate, 32nd District

HD 72-Bill Hayes-Running for Licking County Prosecutor

HD 94-Debbie Phillips-Running for Ohio State Board of Education, 8th District.

SD 7-Shannon Jones-Running for Warren County Commissioner

SD 8-Bill Seitz- Running for Ohio House, 30th District

SD 12-Keith Faber-Running for Ohio House, 84th District

SD 16-Jim Hughes-Running for Ohio House, 24th District

SD 24-Tom Patton-Running for Ohio House, 7th District