Urging Ohio Senate to Begin Hearings on House Bill 5

On Monday, the Ohio Chamber weighed in on the status (read: stasis) of House Bill 5, municipal tax reform and uniformity. Dan Navin, Assistant Vice President of Tax and Economic Policy, stated that fixing this burdensome system as soon as possible important. Today, the same sentiment is reiterated in the Dispatch’s editorial, “Some pain, more gain:”

“The issue merits thorough consideration, but it shouldn’t be on the back burner. Ohio businesses need relief, and the state needs a saner system to better attract new businesses and jobs. The Senate should make every effort to pass House Bill 5 before the year ends.”

We completely agree. Ohio businesses have had to bear the brunt of complying with the tax requirements of 600 different municipalities and it’s time to give them some relief through uniform rules and regulations, which will also reduce the cost of compliance. The sooner that Senate hearings begin on House Bill 5, the sooner Ohio can improve its tax climate to help attract new businesses and improve the conditions for existing businesses.